Who We Are



Provide imported products of recognized brand, quality and / or value to the retail market of the USA, Mexico, and Latin America as a priority. For this, an experienced, relational service with a high degree of satisfaction will be provided.

As a result, clients reward us with sales leadership and profitability in our target segments, enabling our people and community to prosper economically and provide high financial returns to our shareholders.

Strategic Points

McAllen, Texas: Distribution center and strategic logistics location for the entry of Mexican products supplying the south / center, east, northeast of the USA. Main point of consolidation and importation of the group in products of Mexican origin.

Monterrey NL, Mexico: Strategic logistical location to serve the Mexican Republic of imports from the USA with a regulatory team, sales and customer service.

Miami, Florida: Offices strategically located for contact and meetings with global clients as well as a Latin American supplier. Miami is considered “The new capital of Latin America and the neuralgic point of the continent’s finances.” Distribution center and strategic location to serve the east / north of the country, as well as the Caribbean, Central and South America.

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